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Education sets one free… going beyond words to express, beyond earth to sky, beyond thought to action.

Founded in 2008, we at Shekhawati International Academy take pride in developing sharp- witted individuals, aspirational thinkers by providing an equilibrium of practical and theoretical teaching. At SIA every child seeks knowledge not because he "should" but because he "wants" to. We provide a value-based quality education that is rooted in our cultural heritage.

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Embark on a journey of enrichment and joy. Explore the diverse array of activities that make Shekhawati International Academy a hub of vibrant experiences and shared moments.


At Shekhawati International Academy, our library is a haven for knowledge seekers. Our extensive collection, knowledgeable librarians, and a peaceful reading environment make it the perfect place for students to explore the world of literature and research. We believe in the power of reading and independent learning, and our library provides the resources to do just that. Join us in fostering a love for reading and a thirst for knowledge at Shekhawati International Academy exceptional library.


At Shekhawati International Academy, our modern laboratories are at the forefront of education. With cutting-edge equipment and expert guidance, students engage in hands-on experiments, fostering a deep understanding of scientific concepts. Our labs serve as hubs for innovation and critical thinking, preparing students for a future of exploration and discovery. Join us in inspiring the scientists and innovators of tomorrow through our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.


At Shekhawati International Academy, we prioritize safe and convenient transportation for our students. Our well-maintained buses and responsible drivers ensure a secure and comfortable commute to and from school. We understand the importance of peace of mind for parents and a hassle-free experience for students. Safety is our top priority, and we strictly adhere to safety protocols. Join us in providing a reliable and stress-free transportation experience for your child at Shekhawati International Academy.


At Shekhawati International Academy, we believe in the power of sports to nurture physical fitness, teamwork, and character. With top-notch facilities and passionate coaches, we offer a diverse range of sports from cricket to football. Our sports programs instill essential life skills, making our students not only physically fit but also disciplined and resilient athletes. Join us in celebrating the spirit of sports at Shekhawati International Academy.

Music and dance

At Shekhawati International Academy, our music and dance programs are vibrant hubs of artistic expression. With dedicated instructors and well-equipped studios, students explore their creative talents. From learning musical instruments to mastering dance techniques, we encourage self-expression and teamwork. These programs not only enhance artistic skills but also instill a lifelong appreciation for the arts. Join us in nurturing your child's artistic passions at Shekhawati International Academy.

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