General Info

General Info


Punctuality is required. No child will be allowed into the class after specified time, unless prior arrangements have been made with the office. Consistent late coming will result in a meeting with the principal.

If any child is required to be picked up before the school is over, it must be arranged through the office. Please do not walk into your child’s room as it disrupts the program and disturbs the children.

At no time will a student be allowed to leave the school grounds unless accompanied by a parent/guardian. No child may leave the property with any other person unless the school has been notified and proper identification shown.



Monday to Saturday ~ 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

The school principal and staff are always pleased to see the parents/guardians of the children. In the event that you wish to discuss something specific with the principal, we ask that appointments be arranged through the office for a mutually convenient time.



Children should bring their food in a lunch box along with a napkin. We ask for your co-operation in omitting fast food. The fully supervised lunch period is a time for nutrition, exercise and social interaction.



The children are taken outdoors daily unless it is raining or very hot. All children are expected to participate in outdoor activity. If your child is not well enough to go outside, he/she is not well enough to come to school.



Parents are requested to send a note to the school explaining any student absence.



We believe that discipline and courtesy begin with good self-esteem, grooming and proper dress.



Children who arrive at school with a fever or infectious disease will not be admitted to class. Parents will be asked to take their child back immediately.

If your child is on medication, he/she must be kept home for a reasonable time to allow the medication to take effect. For major communicable diseases a medical certificate is required for re-joining the school. THE SCHOOL RESERVES THE RIGHT TO NOT ALLOW A CHILD WITH A COMMUNICABLE DISEASE UNTIL IT IS ESTABLISHED THAT THE CHILD IS FREE FROM THE DISEASE.

This health policy has been initiated to protect all the students and staff. Your co-operation and understanding are appreciated.



If your child is ill or injured, we must know where to contact you. Therefore, accurate contact details are required in the school. Please fill the student's information update form which will be given to you in the month of April. KINDLY NOTIFY THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY IN CASE THERE IS A CHANGE IN THE CONTACT DETAILS.

The school has initiated an SMS alert system to keep you abreast with the latest information/development. Kindly contact the office for further details.



If a child is to be withdrawn before the end of the school academic year, ONE MONTH’S WRITTEN NOTICE MUST BE GIVEN.



Caution money will be refunded after one month of withdrawal notice which has been given to the office on the submission of Caution Money Refund Form along with the deposit receipt, provided all school dues have been settled. Refund of caution money will have to be claimed within one year of the date of withdrawal of child from the school.

Admission fee is not refundable in any case. If a student is absent without any reason/intimation for more than 15 days his/her name may be struck off the rolls.


11. FEES

School fees for one ensuing academic session as notified by the school shall be payable by the parent irrespective of admission/withdrawal of the child on any date for whatsoever reason. The annual fee may be paid in Two instalments in April and October by the 10th of each month indicated, after which a late fee will be levied. Payment should be made to “Shekhawati International Academy” and the cheque may be deposited either in the school accounts office or PNB bank, Main Market, Losal.



In case a cheque issued for any payment is dishonoured by the bank Rs.100/- will be charged along with the fee in cash only and cheque will not accept in future for this particular ward.

The above information is not exclusive and is subject to change by the authority.